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For maximum benefit, supplement the tutoring with at least 6 hours of outside work, so you can soon apply your newly acquired skills to your own materials.

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Ongoing practice and application are necessary to make your new reading skills permanent. Ongoing assistance is available, applying reading and learning skills to your materials and assignments. Use my contact form or call me at for details including pricing and discounts for individuals, small groups, and workshops. More on Workshops More on Policies. Contact to schedule tutoring, or with questions. Based on my extensive experience and motivated by my passion as an educator, I have created a holistic, comprehensive approach to helping you improve your: Reading rate Comprehension Overall enjoyment of reading Please contact me to discuss how we can work together to quickly accomplish your personal reading goals.

How much improvement can you expect? How quickly will you see improvement? You should see major progress by the end of the second session.

Scientific Speed Reading: How to Read % Faster in 20 Minutes | The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss

Personalized Programs We will follow my time-tested, five-step process: Assess your strengths and weaknesses. Establish starting rates and comprehension. Plan a program that's best for you. Set your improvement goals Meet regularly to carry out the program.

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Having assessed your strengths and weaknesses, we customize and tailor your program to best: Maximize your improvement as quickly as possible in an accelerated time frame Utilize your strongest multiple inteligences and learning styles Reach your specific improvement goals Provide you with tips for continued improvement on your own I deliver an individualized program that is cost- and time-effective. Additional information: This course is offered through ed2go. Find out more about ed2go courses.

Registration Apply to a Program. Contact Us. Student Portal. Speed Reading. Code: COMM Course Description ed2go Information More. Course description Are you struggling to keep up with a flood of email, articles, reports, and books? Course details Hours: Credits: 2. Prerequisites: None. Have you gone beyond these steps mentioned and focused on other resources for further mastery?

And as the poster Tyler asked what are your thoughts on photo reading? I tested PhotoReading when it first appeared on the scene and was being advertised heavily on TV. I have yet to meet anyone who can demonstrate it live and then undergo any type of comprehension or recall testing. Here are my experiences: At the moment, I am testing myself. One night I dreamed of the pages. In my dream I was able to see the pages but the Text was not sharp, so I was not able to read conscious within my dream.

Sometimes I imagine without timestopping , that speedreading goes faster when photoreading ahead. Sometimes when speedreading I rerecognize pages and know that I have seen them before. For the time being, I will continue to be very selective about what I read low-information diet to minimize the time spent with reading.

Reading a book by A. Huxley about the art of seeing, in which he describes how he manged to heal strong his seeing problems, I figured out that while trying to photoread I had the wrong focus with my eyes. While learning the photofocus I tryed to reach a visonable expression like described by Scheele in his book.

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Actually I figured out that I did not focus on a thing which is farer away than the book. Instead my visual focus was set up for seeing things very close. To test if you do the same mistake you can use a pen and move it infront of your eyes while beeing in the wrong photo focus. If you see the pen shark, I think, than you do it wrong. I will give it an other try after having learned to focus in the distance. What might improve my eyes too as Scheele describes too.

Next to the exercices of the bates method. The experiences I made with sunlight concerning the Bates method, are positive. At least in the moment just after the exercise.

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It really depends on what you are reading. Sometimes it is necessary to slow down and let your mind and emotions catch up with what you have read. Not everything should be read quickly. It is somewhat akin to inline skating through the Louvre. Sure you can see everything 10 times as fast, but you miss details along the way. Speed reading is basically scanning. With that said, I had a professor once who could scan long reports in seconds and give detailed feedback.

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  8. Maybe I just need more practice. Thank for the great post. I just did the exercises in the article. Wow, great tutorial. Great post…as always. I practiced photoreading quite a bit in college while cramming for exams.

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    I found that I could not effectively recall the information for essay questions and oral exams, but it seemed to really help with multiple choice questions. Then again, maybe I just got good at taking MC tests. Any way I have been implimenting 4-HWW principals for about 2 years now and am loving life on my own terms!

    Thanks again and best of luck on your next book amigo! Sometimes for me it is hard to deal with the fact that education is not directly income generating. Let me add to this something that I learned when I took my first speed reading course. I did it when I was an institutional broker for a large investment bank in London. He was teaching a class in Oxford. His first student came into the room and sat very near him.

    Seinfeld would have called him a close talker, I believe. As the tuition began, the first speed reading accessment came in. On average, most people read about words per minute, or about as fast as we talk, as we sound the words in our head as we read. This kid came in at 1, words per minute. The instructor was astounded. Now most people, after trying and improving a few times, you can get over 1, words — I hit over 1, per minute — but it takes a couple of tries.

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    This kid was doing 1, per minute every time, without the tuition. They just look at shapes.

    Much like Su Doku, which is NOT a numbers game, just a game played with numbers, you need to get 9 shapes in a square, row, or line without repeating. Like Liked by 4 people. I think it will stick with practice.